Deciding which Fire Alarm is for you

The first thing to do when looking to install/upgrade your Fire Alarm System is to decide which type of system is best for you, so here are the options:



The most basic type of system. The building is divided into zonal areas, usually one zone per floor level. On activation of the system the panel will let you know which zone has been triggered to narrow down your search area. These system are cheap but only practical for smaller premises.


Analogue Addressable

They provide you with the exact location of the activation, both numerically and textually e.g. smoke 12 bedroom 4, so your search time is minimal. They also provide many other useful features such as pre-alarm modes and an event log. They are cheaper than previously and suitable for any site from a two story office block to a large complex with multiple buildings.



Radio systems are exactly that. Once power has been provided to the panel no other cables are required. They have improved a lot in the last 10 years and can be just as reliable as a wired system. But it is highly advisable to ensure that it is manufactured to all the relevant standards. Radio systems provide the exact location of the activation like the Analogue Addressable systems, and will warn in advance if a battery is running low. They are suitable for any premises but come into there own in listed buildings, hotels, pubs and any site where disruption must be kept to a minimum. These are the good points for using a Radio System:

  1. The installation time is greatly reduced.
  2. No redecoration will be required following installation. This cost saving can often be enough to make up the difference.
  3. The system can easily be added to and expanded at a future time. It can also be amended if the function or ownership of a room changes.
  4. No surface trunking is required for the Fire Alarm System which will help maintain the aesthetics of the building.

If you are not sure which system will best suite your needs please call us for an initial discussion. We will be happy to visit you on site and complete a full survey of your premises to establish the exact system fit for purpose for your business.