Commercial Fire Alarms

Commercial Fire Alarms in London

Commercial Fire Alarms – There are two main categories of regulatory protection, the first is to protect your property by alerting the fire brigade as soon as a fire is detected and the second is to protect against the loss of life or injury.

Fire Alarm London is fully conversant with the different levels of regulatory compliance  applicable to different types of premises, and, because we are independent, we can source and install Commercial Fire Alarms to meet your requirements, at a price to suit your budget and which conforms to current regulations.

Our Fire Alarm systems are designed to protect both people and buildings, and can be integrated with other alarm systems. We’ll be happy to pay you a visit, inspect your premises, discuss the best fire alarm system and give you a free estimate on all work.

A fire can cause significant damage to merchandise, computer equipment, machinery, building structure and lives. Commercial Fire Alarm Systems can prevent or mitigate the risk of fire as they are designed to monitor a building for fire threats and hazards.

Detectors and sounders are typical examples of audible and visible indicators used by a Commercial Fire Alarm System to give essential advance warning of a fire.  This system potentially buys you extra time to act in an emergency situation and gives you peace of mind.  Alerting staff via these indicators, will allow emergency procedures to be followed; including evacuation of the building,  tackling the fire if appropriate and contacting the emergency services.

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