Emergency Lighting installations in London

Emergency Lighting installations in London

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Basic Installation Design The design of an emergency lighting scheme in the context of BS 5266:part 1:1999, the code of practice for emergency lighting of premises, with particular reference to the contractor designing the installation.

What is emergency lighting? Emergency lighting is a self-descriptive term. It is of course lighting for an emergency, whether it be caused by fire – when it is essential to quickly locate fire fighting equipment and identify exit routes from the premises. Or break in the normal lighting supplies leading to sudden darkness and the resultant hazard to human life, either through physical danger or panic.

Emergency lighting is normally required to operate fully automatically and give illumination of a sufficiently high level to enable persons of all ages to evacuate the premises safely.

Most new buildings now have emergency lighting installed during the course of building, the design and type of equipment normally being specified by the relevant local authority, Architect or Consultant.

Emergency Lighting installations in London - Emergency Lighting is a safety feature in most buildings providing the instant lighting required should normal lighting fail or the mains supply be interrupted.

Fire Alarm London supply, install and commission emergency light systems in compliance with BS 5266, which provides detailed guidance on where luminaries should be installed. The levels of luminance omitted and require that the luminaries illuminate for a 3 hour duration after failure of the normal lighting.

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) regulations 1996 require that adequate provision of exit and safety signs be provided and which are to be illuminated by emergency lighting.

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