Fire Alarm Call Points

Fire Alarm Call Points – Manual call points should be located at all ground floor exits from the building and on stairwell landings, conspicuously mounted 1.4m above floor level. The maximum “travelling distance” to a call point for building occupants should not be more than 30 metres.



  •  Approved to BS5839 Part 2: 1983 – LPCB listing of Fire Alarm models when fitted with standard glass
  • Simple Break Glass operation
  • Surface mounted for ease of installation
  • Test key provided with every call point

Manual call points

A ‘Manual Call Point’ is a device which enables personnel to raise an alarm in the event of a fire incident by pressing a frangible element to activate the alarm system.

Manual Call Points should be installed at a height of 1.4m above floor level at easily accessible, conspicuous positions, on exit routes, at the entry to floor landings of staircases and at all exits to the open air.

Manual Call Points should be spaced so that one may always be found within a maximum distance of 30m apart.

Call points provide a means of activating the central fire alarm manually.  Usually these devices consist of a small red panel and a button that can be pressed to trigger the alarm.  They are very easy to spot and extremely easy to operate offering the perfect solution for any building.

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