Fire Safety Training Courses delivered in your place of work in London

Fire Safety Training GK Fire Alarm London is a consultancy and training company which has wide experiece of working with both large and small clients in the area of OHSE. We aim to provide solutions which are cost effective to your business. If you have a commitment to safety like ourselves, contact us by email or call us on 0800 043 8148 for more information.

Fire Awareness (Safety) Training (Workplace) in London

Simple fire awareness training is the order of the day. The course is designed to enable staff to manage a fire or other similar emergency efficiently and effectively and to meet the legal requirements to train staff.
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Fire Warden Training in London

It is a legal requirement that every company in the UK should have an appointed Fire Warden or Fire Marshall.  This role is critical in ensuring that lives are not lost in the event of a fire.

At Fire Alarm London, we know how important it is that your workforce is fully training in fire safety.  The course will provide delegates with the knowledge to know what they need to do when a fire occurs, and how to manage people to safety to prevent injury during an emergency or fire situation.  The course can take place at  your premises or work site.
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 Fire Extinguisher Training in London

The Fire extinguisher training course is suitable for all employees and is particularly valuable for new staff and staff that have areas of fire safety or health and safety responsibilities.
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